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Skilled craftsmanship meets innovative design

TRENTINO WOOD & DESIGN shall present to the Fuorisalone 2014 a display that tells the story of the collection through the creation of a modern, welcoming, warm, lived in and hospitable environment. It will be both intimate and minimal, a place where quality and functionality are at the service of good living.

The collection, entirely designed by Emanuele Patton, is composed of 12 pieces that offer a wide range of functions. These products are primarily aimed at domestic spaces but can also be readily transported into public environments. 

Rather than recreating classic furniture, TRENTINO WOOD & DESIGN’s products are high quality objects that have been designed and built to stand the test of time and offer solutions for the needs of our daily lifestyle: The multifunctional nature of a table, the personalised composition of a bookshelf, the ability to work from home or being able to adapt one piece of furniture to many different environments…

Local vs GlobalOur greatest challenge has been finding balance between the demands of the international market in which TRENTINO WOOD & DESIGN operates, and the distinctive  characteristics of the region where the products are created. The choice of materials and the attention to details distinguish our offerings, while the functionality of our furniture renders each piece adapt to varying contexts.

Innovation vs TraditionThe collection is founded on the vast knowledge of the Trentino craftsmen  together with modern and functional design. The choice to use Trentino wood  - specifically the Alpine Larch,  is testament to the emphasis placed on the choice of quality materials.

Craftsmanship vs Simplicity All our pieces are finished to the highest quality of detail,. The formal and geometric lines enable the functionality to shine through intuitively and spontaneously. The nature of the brushed wood renders these objects as warm, smooth to the touch and at the same time resistant and durable.

Opening hours Fuorisalone:
April 8/12 13:00 - 21:00
April 13 13:00 - 18:00


Trentino Wood & Design

TRENTINO WOOD & DESIGN is a newly established producer of high quality furniture. Having taken root in a region that is internationally renowned for its wood, TRENTINO WOOD & DESIGN works exclusively with locally sourced, top quality materials. These materials are transformed through minimalist and functional design into a contemporary collection of furniture, lamps and internal furnishings that are both modern and classic.
TRENTINO WOOD & DESIGN was born from the collaboration of producers, designers and local investors: coming from a region that boasts centuries of experience in wood craftsmanship, we have begun to promote the great potential of our region’s quality materials and original products to the furnishing market.

Our values

Craftsmanship – We work with local businesses as it is they who are the custodians of the woodworking skills and techniques that have been handed down over the generations, enabling us to guarantee excellence.
Functionality – We strive to deliver daily functionality with an intelligent and unique approach: our products are not only aesthetically elegant, but also innovative.
Sustainable – We ask our business partners to approach their work with the environment in mind and to use recyclable materials, thereby reducing the ecological impact of our production.
Made in Trentino – We are proud and loyal promoters of our region. For this reason we have chosen to work closely with only the best local producers, a collaboration governed by a 0km production philosophy.

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