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IAI AWARDS – THE SIGN by Dalia Gallico何昌成

The installation curated by Dalia Gallico, Head IAI Italy, develops a sequence of images, visual suggestions of recent award-winning projects and, in particular, the work of ten contemporary Asian designers:

1- Yang Bangsheng 杨邦胜
2- Hong Zhongxuan洪忠轩
3- He Wuxian 何武贤
4- Lin Wei'er 林伟而;
5- Ivan Cheng 郑仕梁;
6- Wang Xiaogen 王小根;
7- Song Guoliang 宋国梁;
8- Liu Dingzhong 柳定中;
9- Zeng Jianlong 曾建龙;
10- Zeng Chuanjie 曾传杰

Offering diversity and variety of expressive forms, techniques and materials processing between tradition and avant-garde. The exhibition is accompanied by side events and talks about comparison and possible integration of design culture between Europe and Asia.

Opening hours Fuorisalone:
April 8/13 10.00 - 20.00

11th of April from 18.00 to 22.00


Opening during Fuorisalone:
8/13 Aprile 10.00 - 20.00

IAI - Asia Pacific Federation of Designers

IAI _ Asia Pacific Federation of Designers is built to promote different countries and regions on the exchanges and cooperation between designers and improve Asia Pacific design standards, original design concepts, design culture.The Federation carries out academic activities to promote the design industry in the Asia-Pacific region; It is actively involved in historical and cultural protection.

IAI Design Awards (7th edition since 2006) aims to be the most premier global Design award, be judged by the most authoritative and international jury. This year's theme "Distinction through Harmony" aims to encourage the notion of seeking a common ground while preserving cultural and social differences in the increasingly globalized world we live in,through fair and righteous process to achieve a truthful, kind and beautiful world in the context of Chinese philosophy.Through harmonious coexistence, to help one another achieve common development and prosperity.

Museo d’Arte e Scienza Founded in 1990 by Gottfried Matthaes in Palazzo Bonacolsi with the mission  of Art relevance determination. In 2010, twenty years after its foundation, the Museum succeeded in giving the deserved space and to the Buddhist Art collection belonging to the Matthaes family, acquired in the early ’70s by the Museum’s founder during his countless trips to the East. A careful selection was made from among the numerous and remarkable items from Thailand, Burma, China and Japan to form the permanent exhibition entitled “East Asian Buddhist Art”, considered one of the finest Italian collections of Indochinese art.

Associazione SignumLab. When the Culture leaves the sign.
The Association aims to operate as a Centre for study and analysis of innovation in the areas of culture, fashion and design to promote the "culture of design" as a strategic lever for the competitiveness of enterprises, regardless of the sector in which they operate and the their size. (from latin ethimology De-Signum = give meaning). It collaborates on international development projects "Design Point" including signing international partnership.


Museo d’Arte e Scienza
Via Q. Sella 4, angolo Piazza Castello

18:00 > 22:00 Evento
Brera Real Estate