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Kids Corner Brera da Rigotondo

Lezioni di Design: laboratori per i più piccoli, divertemento per i più grandi.


During the Design Week, Milan changes and Rigo Tondo transforms itself in a lab where kids can represent the special atmosphere that they can feel around them.

The lab is a place where to create, learn and experiment through playing. It is a place for education, training and collaboration, where to develop the capability to observe the world both with eyes and hands extend to reality with all senses.

Rigo Tondo nursery school has among its goals to educate kids towards beauty.

For this reason it has been projected and developed with all the attentions by the two founders Camilla Baruzzi and Valeria Riva together with Arch. Alvise Terzi.

Special attention has been dedicated to the selection of  the structure’s materials and colours. Wood for the floors, wall paper and illustrations from a  fairy tail for the lullaby room, a light blue striped house for the bathroom area, and strong colours such as yellow, green, blue and red for the entrance where they mix into stripes and dots.

An attractive and stimulating place is the first step towards educating kids to beauty.

During Design Week Rigo Tondo nursery school opens its doors to all the children that will be in Milan that will have the opportunity to create and transform with their own capabilities pieces of design while mum and dad can hang out in Brera District events.

For this special project Rigo Tondo collaborates with Parties&Leisure – Kid’s Oriented who is specialized in projecting, developing and managing creative and didactic labs finalized to entertain and educate children collaborating with the best Association and University Structures as “Fabbrica del Talento dell'Università Cattolica of Milan.”

We wait you every day from 15.00 to 20.00 and Friday 11 special event "Pizza and Cinema" until 22.00.


15 euro for the first time
10 euro each subsequent hour

Info and reservation:

+39 334 9166714

+39 02 89011806

Foro Buonaparte, 20

Foro Buonaparte, 20
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