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Design Lesson - Programme of talks

Seven unmissable appointments for lovers of design

Within the VISIONICA project, in the Mediateca Santa Teresa, via Moscova 28, we will be welcoming you to seven Live Design Lessons. 
Internationally-known guests will be there to tell of their experience, put forward critical arguments and enhance the culture of the project. The Chairman of each talk will be Alberto Pizzati Caiani, Art Director of the Visionica project and a lecturer at Milan Polytechnic.

TUESDAY 8 th at 11:00 / Book a seat

Design Lessons: how a TV programme can win the “compasso d’oro”

The complex, fascinating history of Italian design has been presented in a television format of 40 instalments produced for RAI, starting from 1998. This marvellous project was awarded the prestigious “Compasso d’oro” (“golden compass”) award in 2001. The authors of this programme tell us about the birth and development of a unique work, introducing the selection of twenty documentaries, which will be shown in the Mediateca Santa Teresa during Design Week.

Speakers: Stefano Casciani, Anna Del Gatto, Maurizio Malabruzzi, Renato Parascandolo

Food partner: ALMA, la Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana

WEDNESDAY 9 th at 11:00 / Book a seat

Designing the myth: the Ducati design narrated with the Monster 1200.

How do the forms of a style icon change? Ducati evolves the design of the Monster, maintaining its essential character and bringing it towards a new sporting concept. 
Andrea Ferraresi presents the itinerary that brought about the style of the new Monster 1200. From the application of the Performance Redefined philosophy to the stages of development, up to the choices culminating in the marriage of innovation and sportsmanship that has given shape to this motorbike.

Speaker: Andrea Ferraresi (director Ducati Design Center)

Food partner: ALMA, la Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana

WEDNESDAY 9 th at 16:00 / Book a seat

when packaging is something
A reflection among design and daily traces
By Valeria Bucchetti, Associate Professor at the Polytechnic Department of Design
Oscar Packaging Award 2014
The 2014 Oscar for packaging is dedicated to Quality Design. The prize-giving will be held at the Mediateca Santa Teresa, where the exhibition will also be taking place, organised by Studiolabo, with the 15 competitors in the contest.
The Oscar for packaging represents a snapshot of the evolution of research in the field of packaging and solutions to problems of transport, protection, safety, as well as ease of use and handling by the professional user and the and consumer.

THURSDAY 10th at 11:00 / Book a seat

A Manifesto of design history

We are the “astronomers of history”; the historian cannot trace the course of events like the astronomer. But the two have a point in common: the continual emergence new constellations and previously invisible worlds. And, like the astronomer, the historian must remain permanently at his observation point”.
We present a ten-point manifesto to enhance and incentivise design culture, a moment of identification for all lovers of design.

Speaker: Vanni Pasca (President, Italian Association of Design Historians)

Food partner: ALMA, la Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana

FRIDAY 11th at 11:00 / Book a seat

City Sensing: how the intelligent city changes during design week

From an experimentation guided by Telecom Italia and Milan Polytechnic, in cooperation with, we shall see how the city responds to a complex event like the Fuorisalone. Flows, routes, social activities that arise from the territory are analysed in real time to deliver a digital representation of the city in an innovative way of reading its evolution and its daily heartbeat.

Speakers: Marco Balduini (Research assistant at the Department of Electronics and Information, Milan Polytechnic), Matteo Azzi (Research assistant presso DensityDesign Lab - Politecnico
di Milano) and Fabrizio Antonelli (director, Skil Lab Telecom Italia)

Food partner: ALMA, la Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana

SATURDAY 12th at 11:00 / Book a seat

Kitchen becomes open!
Valcucine has opened its doors to experimenting on models of participated innovation to begin embracing new production processes based on open source design.
Sustainability is the true driving force of innovation in Valcucine and, assuming that the transfer of goods will be overtaken in future by the transfer of information, with Kitchen Becomes Open!, organised by dotdotdot, Valcucine has begun a pioneering approach linked to new ways of innovating, designing, producing and, perhaps, transporting products.
Speakers: Daniele Prosdocimo and Erika Sartori, Valcucine Spa, Alessandro Masserdotti and Laura Dellamotta dotdotdot, some makers who have taken part in the workshop.

Food partner: ALMA, la Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana

SUNDAY 13th at 12:00 / Book a seat

Hangover-Hangout, Fuorisalone 2014 Unofficial Report

The Unofficial Report project sponsored by Ducati during design week has produced an art installation generated live through interviews collected here and there, in search of the essence and instinct of the Fuorisalone.
The Unofficial Report will be presented with its manifesto and video of the week, in a shared experience, where the public will be able to take away a piece of report and be involved in turn in the creation and destruction of the event itself.
Speakers: Renée Melo and Gastón Lisak (Co-founders of Unofficial Report)

Mediateca Santa Teresa
Via Moscova, 28

Mediateca Santa Teresa
Via Moscova, 28
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