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IVV952: Handcrafted soul of IVV meets the refined design of Ilaria Marelli

IVV: a refined and exclusive design which makes glass be the protagonist in our homes

Top-class and design culture. Two scenarios: they are different, but they are tightly connected. A research project on material may be translated into an almost indefinite emotion which takes the forms of the “beauty and wellmade”: this is culture, craft quality, beauty and distinction. These are the identification features of each item by IVV. This is why today design innovation represents an suitable and feasible way: it means enhancing creativity and design which have always been innate to the corporate DNA. The new plans IVV has been working at for 2014 develop this vision of design as a viaticum in order to have a dialogue with a top-class and educated public, by introducing it to the world of furniture by means of offers which respect IVV heritage and tradition. These offers reconsider the achieved experience of glass, the knowledge of master glass-workers and they reinterpret with an eye to a good design, actually starting a new course. At Fuorisalone del Mobile 2014 (Milan Furniture Fair) IVV, together with Ilaria Marelli, disclose and tell how this journey, formed of glass, visions and harmonious contaminations, started.

Opening hours Fuorisalone:
April 8/11 10:00 - 22:00
April 12/13 10:00 - 20:00

Cocktail April 8 19:00 - 22:00


Opening during Fuorisalone:
8/11 Aprile 10:00 - 22:00 12/13 Aprile 10:00 - 20:00 IVV952 - Anteprima IVV952 - Preview

Ilaria Marelli for IVV

'I took up this challenge from IVV to design a collection able to broaden the catalogue of products to the world of furniture, as well, after falling in love with the potential of this enterprise to combine industrial technologies and handcrafted production resulting from the sensitivity of the master glass-workers. Hence the inspiration to create a series of products inspired by nature: nature, in fact, engenders in an “industrial” way: it codifies morphologies, materials, colours thus interpreting them with a “handcrafted” DNA therefore each creature is similar, but different from its own counterpart. So the course of water is mirrored in the transparency of glass with its rippled surfaces, with its plays of refractions and reflections of light: a glass I combined with a tactile, warm and physical wood in a play of contrasts but also of naturalness of the composition'.


IVV: a 60 years’ history made ​​of glass, corporate values ​​and humaneness

It's 1952: a group of glass-masters join together to creates Industria Vetraria Valdarno, a collectively-owned business bound to the great tradition of blown-glass and craft. Thanks to the great experience of craftsmanship that characterizes the Arno Valley, with a natural inclination to innovate and experiment with new technologies and also with  design, IVV has launched a dynamic and articulated course and nowadays, after more than 60 years ,it can be considered as a model business for both its distinguishing ethical and social commitment as well as for its production capacity, ranking among the leading companies in its field. Thus respect for business but also social and human values: something quite uncommon in the contemporary scenario, where awareness for labour and for the hand who executes are real added values to that of the product. Nowadays more than 60 years later, each IVV object still tells of a story that derives from passion and expresses these values ​​in every detail, and it is the detail that makes each object as unique and full of emotion. IVV is this, most of all: emotion, faces, shared values ​​and passion for glass, an old but still new, malleable and endlessly renewable material.

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