Brera Design District is a project of Studiolabo and it's a part of the Milano Design Network


A semi-personal, small exhibition about seating and objects, designed by architect Leonardo Rossano alone or in collaboration with the Brazilian architect Debora Mansur. Presented in the heart of the historic district of Brera, the exhibition will be housed in the studio of the young Milanese fashion designer Gianluca Saitto who will combine some of his spectacular creations with the organic designs of Rossano. The creations shown are the result of constant research, searching for relationships between the forms of nature. From this research, flows the design and technology, creating the product. Therefore, the development of the sinuous "DNA" becomes harmonious in the modular bench. The elegant shoehorn derives it shape from a calla lily and also alludes to the heel of a stiletto. The decanter made of hand blown glass refers to the nocturnal world of the phases of the moon. The swivel chair "Gea", is reminiscent of exotic blooms. To finish the exhibit, the couch Poseidone is the only piece that is rigorously geometric and has a luxury, tufted finish. The exhibit space, designed by Rossano, integrates the objects with thier surroundings. The exhibition and production of these seating elements is realized by a long-term collaboration with True Design, a company based in the region of Veneto.True Design is a dynamic production company skilled in refined craftsmanship with innovative proposals in the contract sector.  The shoehorn is produced by the Japanese company, R.F. Yamakawa.  After the success of this product in Japan, R.F. Yamakawa is introducing the design to the international market and for the first time in Italy.  This decanter is produced by Codice and made by skilled craftsmen from the Vicenza area of Italy. Codice is a new brand of self productions in which the designer, Leonardo Rossano, is a partner.

Opening hours Fuorisalone:
April 8: 5:30pm-7:30pm
April 9/12 10:30am-7:30pm

Cocktail Party April 11 17:30 - 19:30


Opening during Fuorisalone:
8 Aprile 17:30 -19:30 9/11 Aprile 10:30 -19:30 12 Aprile 14:00 -19:30 Biomorpho_pr_evento

Leonardo Rossano Architetto

Architect and designer he graduated in ‘91 in Florence, where he resides. In the 90’s he collaborated with architect Claudio Nardi’s studio designing for private residence, public spaces and boutiques. Since ’98 he is a freelance designer of furniture, furnishing complements, exhibition space and company image communication. His client list includes Lapalma, RF- Yamakawa and True Design. For Clerprem, he worked as art director overseeing the design of seats and components for trains. He teaches History of design at IED and Design at the Florence University of Art, for the international masters at Florence Institute of Design International and Polimoda. He’s an ADI member and won the “Good Design Award” of Chicago Athenaeum for the furniture sector 2013.

Atelier Gianluca Saitto
Via dell'Orso, 12

17:30 > 19:30 Cocktail Party
Brera Real Estate