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FullART in PopColor


Pop.Art.Studio e Robertaebasta present FullART in PopColor

The works on lenticular 3D belong to art collection called: “Idea del Reale”, is a game with the viewer in a world that is driven Pop, dream and deep, funny and metaphysical , Ludmilla Radchenko and Marco Curatolo (professional photographer) through a new way of reading a work of art and a new culture of perception , no longer looking at a "framework" statically in his position but find out in a continuous motion. Movement that is characteristic of our age .

FullART is a popular project that is growing trought the European area to the USA and Asia. The protagonist is the foulard (the scarf) a high quality Limited Edition collection, 100% Made in Italy, on cashmere and silk fabrics, representing reproduced art works of the Siberian artist which was able to merge in a single product the art & fashion, giving everyone the chance to choose their own favorite piece of art to wear.

Opening hours Fuorisalone:
8/13 Aprile 10:00 - 19:00

Vernissage April 9 from 19:00


Opening during Fuorisalone:
8/13 Aprile 10:00 - 19:00 FullART in PopColor - Comunicato Stampa

Ludmilla Radchenko - Pop Art Studio

Ludmilla Radchenko was born in Omsk, Siberia, on 11 November 1978. After attending Art School, she was graduated in design in 1999. That same year she moved to Italy, where she started working as a model, and shortly afterwards debuted on television. Nonetheless her passion for painting remained so pronounced that in 2005, during her participation in a reality show in Africa, she decided to completely dedicate herself to this art form.
In the summer of 2008 the "L'arte di essere donna" project was born; it was conceived, created and interpreted by Ludmilla Radchenko, and later where published as a special insert for the entire print run in the October 2008 issue of Maxim; her twelve paintings were subsequently displayed at Palazzo Venini, in the heart of Milan, announcing her entrance in a new world. In December 2008 she travelled to the United States, where she attended language and acting courses in New York. The following exhibitions where always some kind of tribute or to some metropolises or different celebrities, who became an IKON of social reality.
In February 2010 Ludmilla was invited to participate at the CowParade in Rome. The artist executed Lady Candy Pop, a cow exposed in the hart of Rome and started to become the cult work at that international event. During Design Week in Milan she takes part in the artistic installation project of Gobbetto Resin Solutions at the Triennale di Milano, where the artist presented two works of a gigantic patchwork. On 2010 she inaugurated her solo shows at the Museo di Arte Contemporanea of Lucca, Lu.C.C.A., curated by Maurizio Vanni; at Theatre LA SCALA, organized and curated by GIGART Art Finance and a collective exhibition at Palazzo Torlonia in Rome, curated by the Galleria Ca' d'Oro. During the same period she was chosen for the international painting competition Gemlucart of Monaco. She embarked upon her collaboration with Opera Gallery of Monte Carlo and the Grimaldi Forum, later presented at the International Clubbing Show.
The year was celebrated with a presentation of her first book-catalogue "POWER POP" curated by Fortunato D'Amico(her official art curator) and published by SKIRA at Design Library. In 2011 after her solo exhibition at Casa Delle Culture Del Mondo where she was supported by province of Milan and Design Week 2011 Ludmilla dedicates to show her work abroad, following IMAFESTIVAL "EATING ART" in New York, where she was selected like an emergent PopArt artist and exposed in some galleries in New York. She began to work with Crown Fine Art Gallery in SoHo.
In June Ludmilla was invited by Association Artouverture to take part in a collective exhibition during Venice BIENNAL in Palais Papafava for entire summer 2011.



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