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Oikos at Palazzo Cusani: 30 years of colour and matter for sustainable architecture

An experience, a sensory route through Oikos colours and textures, a design suggestion to imagine unique surfaces.

In the cloisters, in the lounges and in the gardens of Palazzo Cusani, a story is told that allows you to live an experience by means of a series of settings where  the Oikos ranges of colour and texture make it possible to understand the unlimited potential for design and creativity.

For Oikos, three decades of sustainable colour and matter are the starts of a narrative that recounts the relationship with architects and designers, that describes how the use of colour and texture renews, dresses and interpret surfaces through the possibility to realise a “tailor made finish”.

The route through the interior spaces of Palazzo Cusani, alternate stimulations to the various senses, descriptions and explanations and areas that emanate a myriad of emotions, show the value of how Oikos re-uses matter in favour of sustainability.

Residual materials, recovery of raw materials, use of antique application techniques give rise to new finishes for surfaces with a high level of aesthetic impact totally respectful of humans and the environment. It is through this trip through the “Palazzo” that tells of this transformation in which colour and matter become an integral part of surfaces.

An experience where the soul of the spaces and of the materials, the recycling, ecology and well-being are the main subjects covered as influences on the creative moment.

It is the power and creativity of colours and textures that Oikos has developed over the years.

Opening hours Fuorisalone:
April 8/13 10.00 - 22.00

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Opening during Fuorisalone:
8/13 Aprile 10.00 - 22.00 Events planning Oikos - Comunicato Stampa Oikos - Profilo aziendale Oikos - Company Profile


Oikos has been producing colours and materials for sustainable architecture since 1984. 30 years committed to man and nature; 30 years of choices that were often not easy and counter-current decisions; when talking sustainability was not fashionable. For Oikos, respect for the environment and people was the principle a new company had to be built on: ethical, innovative, state-of-the-art. This was born of an entrepreneur's conviction that a company policy in full harmony with its surroundings could be developed. These principles led to new production methods based on the reuse of their own or other people's residual materials; a stimulus for creating new strongly evocative, ductile, contemporary materials. Materials created in an industrial environment, but becoming craftsmanship when applied by decorators and on meeting designers. Oikos recovered professional skills being lost; those of master decorators who create textures transforming sustainable material into a decorative element, custom-made for each project, even for architectural restoration needs. These 30 years have been ones of research, aesthetic and productive processing. Years in which Oikos has reflected on the "sense of material”, has re-processed it and found a new way to narrate it, analysing the dialogue between light and material in the Monographs: 7 art volumes entered in the ADI Design Index in 2012

Palazzo Cusani
Via Brera, 13

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